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Johnny Otis – Little Esther Window Card 1950s Concert Poster

A beautiful 1952 southern boxing-style concert poster featuring Johnny Otis and Little Esther, both important proponents of early, post-war rhythm & blues music. This red, white & blue cardboard poster is filled with splashy graphics, photos of the musicians, fun … Continue reading

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Alan Freed Window Card – Rock & Roll Big Beat Concert Poster

When I use the word “spectacular,” please understand that I’m lifting that term from this poster’s headline, not using it to describe the poster, or the concert, itself! This is actually a less-than-spectacular 1961 boxing-style concert poster which well-represents an … Continue reading

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Grateful Dead Window Card 1960s Aoxomoxoa by Rick Griffin

A famous, classic, legendary concert poster for the Grateful Dead, drawn by iconic San Francisco poster artist Rick Griffin. Hard to believe this was designed just to sell tickets for one weekend of concerts in January 1969, but the Dead … Continue reading

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Collecting Rare Boxing-Style Concert Posters & Window Cards

In one of my most unusual videos to date, I take a look at the various forms in which boxing-style concert poster tour blanks are found today. Staying light and fun with it, I explain various desirable characteristics found in … Continue reading

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1950s Concert Posters – Coasters, Fats Domino, Ritchie Valens

Here’s a crop of 5 wonderful original cardboard boxing-style concert posters from the 1950s, all featuring members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Coasters, Fats Domino, Ritchie Valens and Jackie Wilson are the most prominent artists on … Continue reading

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