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Jimi Hendrix Window Card 1970 Seattle Sicks’ Stadium

A fun, highly attractive Jimi Hendrix concert poster from Seattle, WA in 1970 with opening acts Cactus and Cat Mother & The All-Night Newsboys. This cardboard Jimi Hendrix poster board is made of very thick material, and was not run … Continue reading

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Beatles Promotional Posters for 1964’s Something New LP – Two Different

Two very collectible Beatles retail promo banners/posters for their third Capitol album, Something New, released in the summer of 1964. These two Beatles promo retail window displays are discussed in detail by Pete Howard, and I’ve been a fan since … Continue reading

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Duane Eddy Concert Poster 1960 – Tilghman Press Classic Boxing Style

A really fun Duane Eddy window card from the peak of his career, 1960, in Klamath Falls, OR. This is a highly unusual February 29th event, obviously possible only once every four years. It’s even billed as a “Special Leap … Continue reading

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Family Dog Unique Poster Artwork for FD-7 – Wes Wilson, 1966

The authentic, original artwork sketch board for the May 1966 Family Dog / San Francisco concert poster nicknamed “Euphoria.” All posters originated with this pen-and-ink sketch, of course, which was executed by the dean of San Francisco concert poster art, … Continue reading

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Ivory Joe Hunter Window Card 1950s Joe Glaser Presents – “Since I Met You Baby”

A vintage 1950 Ivory Joe Hunter concert poster from the Sunset Terrace Ballroom in Indianapolis, IN, with the precise date of Sept. 17 shown in enormous letters at the top. No year is given, but it’s easy to determine the … Continue reading

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