Cream Concert Poster 1968 Santa Barbara Showgrounds

A vintage 1968 Cream concert poster from the (Earl Warren) Showgrounds in Santa Barbara, CA on February 24 of that year.

In this video, I demonstrate for you the difference between the first printing, struck before the show to sell tickets, and the many subsequent printings, made to be sold as merchandising items.

I should introduce myself… I’m Pete Howard, the host of this video (and its talking head). I can be reached thru either or by calling (805) 540-0020. Do know that I pay the HIGHEST PRICES IN THE HOBBY, period, for vintage concert posters from the 1960s all the way back to the 1920s even. But my first love as a teenager? Yep… Cream.

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The Byrds Concert Poster 1965 Louisville Boxing-Style by Globe

An early, exciting Byrds window card from their first real year in existence as a recording and touring entity, 1965.

The band had formed in Los Angeles only the year before, 1964, and their first album had just entered Billboard magazine’s album chart a few weeks before this show.

This early Byrds placard measures the standard 14×22”, and in this case is nicely framed and matted.

It was produced by Globe Posters out of Baltimore, and carries somewhat of a trademark look for them… one color added to the black & white, that being Day-Glo orange.

The photograph on this Byrds concert sign is one of its key elements… it pictures all five original members, including important songwriter Gene Clark.

Mr. Clark would depart the band just a few months later, in early 1966, so it’s awesome to have him in the band and in the photo on this piece.

Can you believe this Byrds billboard states only a $1.50 admission for this show… holy cats!  I’m used to seeing cheap ticket prices on old posters, but only a buck & a half for ‘the No. 1 group in the country’ must’ve seemed like such a bargain, even back then.

That was if you bought tickets in advance; at the door they ran $2.00, as you can see.  But according to this poster, you could only buy them at one location – Tiff’s Record Store, 309 S. 4th St. in Louisville.

A cutting-edge local band is listed as the opening act on this Byrds event poster.  “Louisville’s greatest – The Oxfords,” it says.

I researched the Oxfords and, indeed, they were known at the time as a (relatively) long-haired, wild-dressing rock band for the era – 1965 down in the deep south.

George Williams, M.C. is listed at the bottom of this Byrds in-person poster.  Also given are the call letters to Top 40 station “WAKY,” which Williams surely worked at as a DJ.

Right below that, at the extreme bottom, it says simply, “Globe Poster – Baltimore.” Presumably they were easily found in directory assistance of the day (if you remember that).

If you’re looking for a Byrds show placard for your collection, you’d be doing very well to get this one. The band had only a few short years before they’d morph into their country-rock mode, and start rotating personnel fairly regularly.

And as I’ve said, you also have the factor of guitarist and songwriter Gene Clark in the group at this time. An example of his prime songwriting is “I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better” on the group’s first LP.

It would be great if this Byrds window display had that song on it, or maybe “Turn! Turn! Turn!,” their following single.  But it was probably simply too early for that… at this point, they had had only one charting single.

So later Byrds advertising signs might have more song titles on them, but for me, you just can’t beat the super-early nature of this one.

This Byrds boxing-style concert poster is happily shown off today by one Peter Howard, a serious collector residing on California’s central coast.  If wishing to contact me, just use  HYPERLINK “” or (805) 540-0020. Please keep in mind that I pay the very best prices in this hobby, bar none, for old rock music memorabilia like this Byrds poster.

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Les Brown Window Card 1950s w/The Band of Renown – NBC, Columbia Recs, Bob Hope Show

A very colorful and collectible Les Brown concert poster from the summer of 1950 from two different cities, just three days apart.

The first one I show you hails from Ontario, Canada, and the second one comes from the Carrolltown, PA area.

This type of Les Brown poster board was called a “tour blank,” meaning the color portion was used for weeks or months, but the venue information at the top was changed day-to-day.

Sometimes the venue info was very busy, crowded with dozens and dozens of words of detailed information for ticket buyers.

Or in the case of this particular Les Brown broadside, it’s very scant and simple – five words. It was all a matter of what the local promoter wanted.

You’d think a happy medium would be in order, because for the Crystal Beach poster I show you, people knew nothing but the date and venue.

But that’s where the second Les Brown window card in my video comes in… at the Sunset (Ballroom, I assume) on Route 219 near Carroltown, PA.

That one tells us the price of admission (including tax), and the hours of the show… from 9 PM until 1 AM. It even specifies Daylight Savings Time, which might have been unnecessarily overkill.

You gotta love the way this Les Brown concert placard mentions the Bob Hope Show along the bottom. Hope was about the biggest star in the world at this point, so it was quite a feather in Brown’s cap.

Right next to that, it says, “Columbia Records Exclusively.” Once again, a super-well-known entity in Columbia Records.

And then there’s the NBC microphone right in the middle of this Les Brown show poster. Yet another major brand or company present on the poster, which is chock full of them.

Let’s not forget “The Band of Renown” above Les’s name… the catchy nickname he gave his big-band orchestra.

This Les Brown window poster – both of them – are shown to you today by Peter Howard, a long-time music collector residing in California’s central coast. That’s me, and if you wish to write me, I can be reached thru, or by phoning (805) 540-0020. Please just know that I pay the best prices in the world, period, for the best old big-band tour posters like this.

And to see some more way-cool big band cardboard window cards like this, just visit this page next door:

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James Brown Concert Poster 1961 Seattle – Simple, Understated, Great

A very early and really fun – if granted, simple – cardboard James Brown poster board from Seattle, WA in the spring of 1961.

Elsewhere in this video blog I show you a large, colorful and splashy James poster from Seattle from later in this year, the end of 1961. That would signal the beginning of at least a decade of using loud, colorful posters for him.

So this particular Seattle James Brown window card marked the end of an era, harkening back to his posters of the 1950s where were always smaller and simpler like this.

The Tilghman company out of Oakland, CA designed and made this poster, as they did some of the aforementioned JB posters of the late 1950s.  They had a style and design that is very easy for us collectors to spot.

This Seattle James Brown broadside advertised his show on Saturday, April 15, 1961 at the famous Evergreen Ballroom up there.

Of course, it didn’t need to say “1961” on it… the poster was probably printed in March and intended to be thrown away right after the show. Who needed to be told the year?

One of the little things I love about this Seattle James Brown show poster is the musical staff, notes and treble clef found right in the middle, under his first name.

It’s little graphic-design touches like this that give an old poster much of its flavor, and each poster-printing company had their own little touches like this that nobody else used.

Interesting how the Famous Flames are referred to as just “The Flames” on this Seattle James Brown window poster. They started out as just The Flames in the mid-’50s, but soon gained the “Famous” moniker.

So I don’t know why Tilghman held back and used their outdated, shorter name, unless it was to conserve space and/or use bigger letters on the one-word version.

Condition-wise, this Seattle James Brown concert placard has normal wear & tear.  It has the usual thumbtack holes in each corner, probably the most common “defect” found on any of these old posters.

This one also has a bit of ‘toning,’ which is a poster’s version of ‘suntanning’… sustained by prolonged exposure to either direct sunlight or florescent lights.

There are also a couple of surface stains on this Seattle James Brown tour poster… under the “S” in “Sat.” and between the “R” and “O” in “BROWN.”  The upper right-hand corner also got dented a bit.

But you know what? My attitude is, “who cares?”  I wouldn’t want this thing in shiny, new, mint condition, unless it had an incredible story like coming straight from the promoter.  I love an old poster with that “used” look and feel to it.

This James Brown telephone-pole poster is happily shown to you today by longtime music historian and memorabilia collector Peter Howard. If you care to reach me, use or call (805) 540-0020. And please be aware that I pay the very HIGHEST PRICES IN THE HOBBY, bar none, for vintage R&B concert memorabilia such as this JB poster.

And speaking of which, to see a few more dazzling examples of old soul-music cardboard window cards, including a beautiful James Brown one, just move over one page here on my Web site, to:

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Janis Joplin Concert Poster Great Cartoon Artwork 1969 Chicago

An amazing, colorful and charming piece of Janis Joplin concert memorabilia from her only full year as a solo performing artist – 1969.

This amazing poster advertised her concert at Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre on November 23, 1969.

This Janis Joplin show poster is unlike almost any other concert poster you’ll ever see, in that it’s driven entirely by a cartoon likeness of the headliner.  It’s so eye-catching that it’s crazy.

Credit artist Jay “Jayzey” Lynch for the tremendously fun artwork, which many see as an homage to Joplin’s hit album with her previous band, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Cheap Thrills.

Although it seems to be hidden at times, this Janis Joplin in-person poster gives the potential ticket buyer the very basics they needed: date, time and location, even down to the venue’s address.

As for ticket prices, that would have to be discovered at the point of purchase – locations which are also not given here.

This superb Janis Joplin event poster is shared with you today by Pete Howard, long-time collector and music-poster historian.  I can be written to c/o, or phoned on (805) 540-0020.  And please do know that I pay the BEST PRICES TO BE FOUND IN THIS HOBBY for collectible concert memorabilia like this Joplin poster.

And to see a few more amazing rock-concert poster boards from the old days, including another dazzling one on Janis Joplin, just skip right over to this page here on my site:

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