Bob Dylan Window Card 1964 Buffalo, New York

An original Bob Dylan concert poster from November 1, 1964 at Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, New York.

Kleinhans Music Hall drew up this window card strictly to sell tickets for its November 1, 1964 presentation of Bob Dylan’s show… purely for advertising, no other reason.

This Dylan concert billboard, or broadside as they used to say, advertises a folk-music concert only… Dylan had not gone electric yet.

The complete and exact wording on this poster is as follows: Another B.J.F. Folk Attraction – Bob Dylan, Columbia Recording Artist. Sunday November 1st. – 8:00 PM. Kleinhans Music Hall. All Seats Reserved $4.00-$3.25-$2.50-$1.75. Denton, Cottier & Daniels, 32 Court Street; Sample Store, 1631 Hertel Avenue; University of Buffalo, Norton Hall Ticket Booth; and Brundo’s Music Center, Niagara Falls, N.Y.

All in all, a very handsome Bob Dylan boxing-style cardboard concert poster with killer graphics and detailed ticket information, both strong pluses.

I will pay the best price, period, for an original copy of this poster – literally, thousands of dollars! – because I don’t have one in my collection and I’ve been a fan and collector of Dylan since the late ’60s. The same applies for any collectible concert memorabilia of Dylan from the sixties, including all posters. I’m Pete Howard and can be reached at 805-540-0020 or

If you enjoy seeing old Bob Dylan concert posters from back in the day, do check out additional images shown on this page found here on my web site:

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