The Doors Concert Poster 1967 Psychedelic Design

An original concert poster for The Doors at the Berkeley Community Theater in Berkeley, California on October 15, 1967.

An attractive psychedelic Doors window card that also has, in addition to its psychedelic styling, photographs of the four band members – Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore. (Most psych concert posters of this era did not include pictures.)

This Doors concert poster sold tickets to a show in the Fall of 1967, just about one week before the band’s second LP, Strange Days, was issued.

Unusually, the group played a Sunday afternoon matinee show at 3 PM on this date, in addition to the evening show.

This Berkeley Community Theatre Doors poster was designed by an artist credited only as “Solinsky.”

Here’s what this poster states, word-for-word: (in blue lettering) The Doors In Concert – 2 Shows – (all the rest is in black lettering) Del-Bar Productions –  Tickets $2.25 : 3.50 – Featuring KMCK’s Tom Donahue – Notes from the Underground

Sun Oct 15, Mat 3 PM, Eve 7:30 PM – Berkeley Community Theater – (in the white margin) Solinsky

(And in the white space down below) TICKETS – Sherman-Clay: 2135 Broadway, Oakland 444-8440; ASUC Box Office: Student Union, University of Calif., Ext. 3125; Discount Records: 2309 Telegraph, Berkeley 849-3332; San Francisco State Box Office; Music Town: Broadway Shopping Center, Walnut Creek 934-5280

(And the very last line, in bigger print) Sunday, October 15 • Two Shows • 3 PM-7:30 PM

This poster enthusiastically displayed and discussed by collector Pete Howard (805-540-0020, or email me at I’m a huge fan and collector and I saw Hendrix in concert but darn it, never the Doors! I will pay TOP DOLLAR for this or any other vintage Doors concert posters from when Jim Morrison was still alive.

And to see more rare and collectible ’60s psychedelic concert posters like this that are equally as compelling, see this page right here on my Web site:

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