Led Zeppelin Concert Tickets 1969 & 1977 Never Used

Three unused Led Zeppelin concert tickets, the first one from an out-of-the-way venue on their first-album tour in 1969, on a rare occasion when they played two shows in a casino ballroom. The other is a pair of unused tickets from the band’s final, barnstorming tour in 1977. (Sorry for the glitch: My broken sentence should have been, “They were selling 72,000 tickets a day through all the Ticketmaster outlets.”) Enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of PosterCentral.com (phone 805-540-0020, email pete@postercentral.com).

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1 Response to Led Zeppelin Concert Tickets 1969 & 1977 Never Used

  1. meg kistler says:

    I have an intact ticket for Led Zeppelin’s concert that was scheduled for August 13, 1977 at JFK Stadium in Philladelphia, I stood in line at ticketmaster for 8 hours. When I heard that the tour had been canceled due to the tragic death of Robert Plant’s son. I decided to just keep the ticket, rather than send in back for a refund.

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