Grateful Dead & Jefferson Airplane Concert Poster 1967 Kaleidoscope Los Angeles

A uniquely shaped circular 1967 Grateful Dead concert poster from the Kaleidoscope nightclub in Hollywood, CA. This is the very first poster in a series of about 20 that the Kaleidoscope produced in 1967-68. Also on the bill on this bright-pink poster were the Jefferson Airplane and Canned Heat. Enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of (phone 805-540-0020, email If you like posters like this, be sure to check out more vintage psychedelic concert posters shown on this page here on my web site:

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1 Response to Grateful Dead & Jefferson Airplane Concert Poster 1967 Kaleidoscope Los Angeles

  1. Dominic Potenza says:

    I watched your video concerning the Kaleisoscope posters.
    I have the 3/22 green poster#4 featuring the Airplane / Canned Heat and Bufflo Springfield and also theEaster poster #7. However, # 4 is printed on a thinner paper while # 7 is more like index stock. I bought these both around 1990. In your opinion, does the different paper used make sense as to the original printing of both posters ? Thank you in advance. PS I have 100’s of posters from the late 60’s both Fillmore, Family Dog and odd posters like Kaleidoscope etc.

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