Bob Dylan Flyer 1961 Gerdes Folk City w/Greenbriar Boys

A Fall 1961 concert handbill for Bob Dylan’s stand at Gerde’s Folk City in NYC. The New York Times glowingly reviewed one of these shows, after which Dylan’s career would never look back. ERRATA: I keep saying “September,” but of course it’s Sept.-Oct.; I said “14 nights” but it was only 12 because Gerde’s was dark on Mondays; and sorry about the Pt. 1/Pt. 2 etc. confusion, I didn’t know my first video would have to be divided in two. Anyway, this is all discussed by collector Pete Howard of (phone 805-540-0020, email Also, be sure to check out the cool gallery of vintage Dylan concert posters on this page right here on my site:

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