Collecting Rare Boxing-Style Concert Posters & Window Cards

In one of my most unusual videos to date, I take a look at the various forms in which boxing-style concert poster tour blanks are found today. Staying light and fun with it, I explain various desirable characteristics found in these old concert posters, using examples dating back 70 years to illustrate my point. Know what to look for in these old concert broadsides… and educate yourself as to what serious collectors like to see in them, too. Enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of (phone 805-540-0020, email For more information and pictures, this time using a Rolling Stones 1964 concert poster, head on over to this page here on my Web site:

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1 Response to Collecting Rare Boxing-Style Concert Posters & Window Cards

  1. Lucinda Renee Small says:

    I really enjoy these blogs, I am a new and young collector and have learned a lot about the world of poster collecting. My friend and mentor has some awesome boxing style posters. The one I’m hoping to enquirer soon is a Byrds poster signed by all of the original Byrds.

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