Alan Freed Window Card – Rock & Roll Big Beat Concert Poster

When I use the word “spectacular,” please understand that I’m lifting that term from this poster’s headline, not using it to describe the poster, or the concert, itself! This is actually a less-than-spectacular 1961 boxing-style concert poster which well-represents an era in which rock ‘n’ roll was truly in decline. Full of hit-makers, yes, but lackluster in almost every other way, this poster is nonetheless a document as good as any of the traveling package shows that were so common in pop music during the early 1960s. (P.S. I say “Little Diamond” when I should’ve said “Little Darlin’.”) Enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of (phone 805-540-0020, email If you’re intrigued by these sixties rock ‘n roll traveling-package tours, go see some of the beautiful posters depicted on this page of my web site:

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