Bob Dylan Window Cards 1960s Newport Folk Festival Posters

Bob Dylan’s star seldom shone brighter than at the three consecutive Newport Folk Festivals from 1963-65. Here we take a look at the original cardboard advertising posters for the latter two, the 1964 and 1965 Newport Folk Fests. Dylan’s name is the same size as everyone else’s, but he would soon, of course, leave everyone else in the dust. He treated the ’64 audience to almost all new songs, and he presented the ’65 crowd with a totally new sound… plugging in and going electric for the very first time. There’s no shortage of exciting history here to be enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of (phone 805-540-0020, email And if you have a moment, be sure to view other vintage sixties Dylan concert posters I display on this page here on my web site:

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