Little Richard Window Cards 1950s R&B Concert Posters Part II

This is Part Two of my two-part video on Little Richard 1950s original rock ’n’ roll concert posters. The one in this video dates from 1957, the biggest year of Richard’s career on the Billboard charts. On this poster, he shares the bill with legends like Bobby “Blue” Bland, the 5 Royales, Wynonie Harris, Jimmy Reed and others. (Sorry I skipped over Big Maybelle, and sorry I showed Tab Smith’s picture when I thought I was showing Jimmy Reed’s!) Be sure to see Part One, by the way, for an even better poster. All this is enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of (phone 805-540-0020, email If you think these 1950s rock ’n roll concert posters are the bomb, be sure to see more of them displayed right here on this page of my web site:

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