Muddy Waters Window Card 1950s w/ Ray Charles & Ruth Brown

Talk about a stellar line-up… this 1954 gem features an astonishing array of R&B talent, with four of the five acts now members of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Most poster collectors consider this a “50s Muddy Waters poster” because he’s much harder to find on a vintage advertising window card than the other four here. But Ruth Brown was simply on fire at this point in her career; Charles Brown was an established R&B legend; poor Ray Charles gets a strip less than 2 inches wide, but we all know his stature; and the two Lowell Fulson songs on here were his two biggest records ever. Whew! Enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of (phone 805-540-0020, email And if old R&B concert posters like this make your day, scurry over to this page of my web site which you’re already on:

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