Jimi Hendrix Monkees Concert Poster 1967 Window Card Pt. 1

Can you imagine a concert poster so early in Jimi Hendrix’s career that they didn’t even bother to put his name on the advertising poster to sell tickets, even though he played the event? Well, here we have TWO such examples from 1967, just as Hendrix was starting to get popular. Both hail from New York, where Hendrix simply got lost among all the other musical stars. Not for long, though! This is Part 1 of a two-part video exploring these two posters, along with a couple of other bonus “ghost” acts… household names that weren’t mentioned, either. Sheesh… talk about the innocent Sixties! Enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of PosterCentral.com (phone 805-540-0020, email pete@postercentral.com).

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