Rolling Stones Concert Poster 1966 Window Card – Lynn, Mass.

Here’s an original concert poster for The Rolling Stones at the Manning Bowl in Lynn, Mass. on Friday, June 24, 1966.

It’s fairly small for a poster, but still a nice piece of Rolling Stones ’60s concert memorabilia.

The poster states that this was The Rolling Stones’ first U.S. appearance of 1966 – which it was – and their only New England concert on this tour – which it wasn’t.

No “tour blank” concert posters were used for The Rolling Stones’ 5th American tour in 1966, so you see lots of “one-off” oddball posters like this one – but it’s all good!

The concert poster for The Rolling Stones at War Memorial Auditorium in Syracuse, NY on July 6, 1966 has the exact same layout – and there are others, too.

Explained by collector Pete Howard of (phone 805-540-0020, email

For more vintage Rolling Stones concert posters, visit

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3 Responses to Rolling Stones Concert Poster 1966 Window Card – Lynn, Mass.

  1. Matt says:

    I live in Malden, MA which is a couple towns away.. but my dad grew up in Lynn. He was 13 when the Rolling Stones played Manning Bowl in 1966. He’s told me about the show many times over the years and how huge it was considering the Stones were relatively new to the U.S at the time. Your YouTube video was really informative, interesting, and added a lot to what I know about the show. Thanks!

    FYI: Manning Bowl was torn down in 2004 and replaced with a smaller football stadium. It was, however, HUGE in terms of capacity for a high school stadium, it fit 20,000+ people.

  2. Mods Wife says:

    The McCoys (Hang on Sloopy) and The Mods (local Boston band) also opened up that day!

    • Mods Wife says:

      The Mods shared a dressing room with the Stones.
      “In any case, the security was poorly planned, it started to drizzle, and 20 minutes into the Stones’ set, the crowd rushed the stage, police overreacted, shot tear gas, and the angry crowd started throwing chairs and that was the end of the show. The Stones were off in a limousine, and the whole event was chronicled on the front page of the Boston Record-American the next morning.”

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