First Known Jimi Hendrix Experience Concert Poster 1967 England

A Jimi Hendrix Experience concert poster dating to February 1967 at the Plaza Newbury venue in Berkshire, England, located about an hours’ drive east of London. This is the earliest known Hendrix concert-poster image to have surfaced thus far.

This big poster was printed using black ink on a thin yellow paper stock.  Don’t be confused by the image of James Brown at the very top – huh? – perhaps he played there recently, or was on the schedule to play there soon.

This February 10, 1967 Jimi Hendrix concert poster is actually the middle date of three consecutive Experience gigs that used basically the same poster image. A week earlier, there exists a Hendrix concert poster at the Ricky Tick club in Windsor dated February 3, 1967 that looks basically the same. And a week later, there’s another such poster with the same artwork – “Jimi Hendrix Experience,” large image of his face – for February 17, 1967 at the Ricky Tick.  All three dates were Fridays in 1967. So I’m counting all of those when I proclaim this to be the first known Jimi poster.

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To see other English rock-concert posters from the Sixties, such as one from 1967 that found Hendrix down-billed to The Walker Brothers, just move over to this page right here my web site:

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