Jerry Lee Lewis Window Card 1950s – Rock & Roll Hall-of-Famer

A vintage, authentic 1950s Jerry Lee Lewis concert poster advertising a show at the Evergreen Ballroom in Olympia, Washington on July 28, 1958.

This is my personal favorite Jerry Lee Lewis window card of all time, due to its great song titles, its red & yellow colors, and the mischievous picture of the new, young Sun Records star.

Original, made-before-the-show rock and roll window display like this one are coveted by collectors, largely because they were made to be discarded as soon as the show was over!

Any 50-year-old Jerry Lee Lewis concert billboard is definitely collectable based on merit alone – after all, he’s considered a founding father of rock & roll.

This poster was known in the business as a “tour blank,” which means that this identical Jerry Lee Lewis concert placard was printed for other cities along the same tour.

Tilghman Press of Oakland, CA printed up this 14×22” broadside, made on durable cardboard to survive postings on outside telephone poles.

The entire text found on this fifties rock concert poster, just as it reads from top to bottom:

(Bright red lettering): Evergreen Ballroom – Olympia, Washington – Mon. July 28th – Show and Dance – From 9 to 1 a.m.

(And then black print on yellow background): “Whole Lot of Shaking Going On” – “Mean Woman Blues” – “Great Balls of Fire” – “Breathless” – “High School Confidential” – (and then in three different type fonts): JERRY LEE LEWIS

(Printer’s credit down at very bottom): Tilghman Press – 1201 32nd Street, Oakland (California).

Even though this Jerry Lee Lewis telephone-pole poster has a lot of rusty thumbtack holes and staple marks, these flaws usually don’t affect a concert poster’s value much, because collectors like their old posters to look old!

This collectible item of rock ’n’ roll concert memorabilia is happily explained by collector Pete Howard (call at 805-540-0020 or email at As a serious collector, I will pay top dollar for vintage music collectibles such as this!

To view a few other classic concert posters from the earliest days of rock & roll, just point your mouse to this page right here on my Web site:

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1 Response to Jerry Lee Lewis Window Card 1950s – Rock & Roll Hall-of-Famer

  1. Jack Rohde says:

    Was Elvis, Roy Orbison, or Rick Nelson at the Evergreen Ballroom? My friends took me there in the 90s I never knew about it, I went to the restroom and was blown away by how many famous people played there, their photos were in the hallway, also I heard many famous country singers got started at Spanaway lake dance hall also.

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