Led Zeppelin Concert Poster 1970 European Tour – Frankfurt

An original 1970 Led Zeppelin concert poster from July 18, 1970 for a show at the Messegelande in Frankfurt, West Germany.

This European Led Zeppelin advertising poster was used to sell tickets for just one of four West German dates the band played on its 1970 tour of Europe. Presumably, posters were made for the other three dates as well.

This German Led Zeppelin tour poster represents the group touring behind its latest album Led Zeppelin II, released the previous fall.

Directly below the large silver dirigible, this Led Zeppelin show poster states in German language, “Samstag, 18 Juli 1970, 20 Uhr, Messegelande, Frankfurt – Festhalle” and then a price of “DM 12.-”

In English, this translates to Led Zeppelin In Concert on Saturday, July 18, 1970, at 8 P.M. at the Messegelande [trade-show fairgrounds], Frankfurt – Festhalle.” The Festhalle was a multi-purpose hall within the sprawling Messegelande fair complex. And then the ticket price was 12 Deutsche marks, back before the Euro existed.

This item of fun & collectable Led Zeppelin concert memorabilia is displayed and lectured on by American collector Pete Howard (805-540-0020, or also pete@postercentral.com). Pete pays the VERY BEST PRICES for old, original Led Zeppelin concert posters from their earlier days.

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