Quicksilver Messenger Service 1966 Fillmore Flyer BG-7 Two Different Colors

Shown today are two vintage Quicksilver Messenger Service handbills from the Fillmore Auditorium on May 20 & 21, 1966 printed on both pink and white paper.

Those are the only two colors that exist for this Bill Graham Quicksilver Messenger Service herald: black & white and black & pink. No other colors were made.

The most serious collectors of early Bill Graham Fillmore concert posters, handbills, fliers and postcards (and tickets) will probably want to have both colors for their collection. That’s the very thing that makes collecting a fun horse race!

This Bill Graham Quicksilver Messenger Service leaflet had only one printing, before the show (in these two colors), and that was it.  Unlike many other Bill Graham concert advertisements, this flier was never reprinted.

Bill Graham promoted this pair of concerts at his legendary Fillmore, in only the 7th concert in his long-running series of famous shows. So this flyer is known to fans as a BG-7 handbill.

The entire wording found on this Bill Graham Quicksilver Messenger Service appearance sheet, as creatively illustrated by psychedelic poster-art legend Wes Wilson:

Bill Graham Presents Quicksilver Messenger Service, Final Solution [the latter being the opening band]

Fri. 20 May 21 Sat., Fillmore Auditorium, Fillmore & Geary in S.F. at 9 PM

Free Posters To All In Attendance. Ticket Outlets: San Francisco: City Lights Books; Psychedelic Shop; Bally Lo – Union Square; S.F. State College, Hut T-1.

Berkeley: Campus Records, Discount Records, A.S.U.C. Box Office

Sausalito: Rexall Pharmacy. Menlo Park: Kepler’s Books. Santa Rosa: Apex Book Store. [And then the tiny] Union bug 221.

[And in the very tiniest of letters within the frame]: Wes Wilson 641-5362 [so quaint that he gave his personal phone number!]

I should also mention that the BG-7 concert poster, also designed by Wes Wilson, was more colorful than these handbills… it had multiple colors over a dizzying pattern of diamond shapes as a backdrop.

Notice how this Bill Graham Quicksilver Messenger Service handout informs punters that free posters will be handed out to all attending. Graham made this gesture to stop people from tearing down his posters around the Bay Area to take home and keep before the concert, lovely as they were.

This Bill Graham Quicksilver Messenger Service slinger was researched and discussed by psychedelic collector Pete Howard (pete@postercentral.com, or phone at 805-540-0020). Pete (meaning I) will pay top dollar for the best, most scarce pieces of psychedelic poster art from the 1960s, including this BG7 poster or handbill.

To view a few more wonderful examples of Sixties psychedelic concert poster art – such as the rarest Bill Graham concert poster ever produced – just trip the light fantastic over to http://www.postercentral.com/psychedelic.htm

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