The Ventures Concert Poster 1960s Corte Madera, CA (Marin County, Bay Area)

A vintage, authentic Ventures window card from Corte Madera, CA (up in the northern Bay Area) from Dec. 14, 1962.

This Ventures tour poster is called a “tour blank” in collector’s circles.  The bottom few inches of the poster (everything in green ink) would be changed from date to date, whereas everything above that on this Ventures poster remained static, just plugging their records and such.

Anyone who collects old concert advertising posters would have to agree that this Ventures In-Person poster has it all… really strong eye appeal, three different color inks, thick cardboard instead of flimsy paper, a great picture of the band, some fun wording at both the top and bottom, and a ton of song titles.  Sweet!

This Ventures broadside was designed to withstand the elements of weather, being made of cardboard like it was, with an eye toward posting it outside on fences, etc.

It’s pretty funny the way this Ventures announcement yells the group’s name in big red letters at the top of the poster, twice… a little overkill, gentlemen?  But that’s OK, I think it’s pretty cool.

I also get a big charge out of the way this Ventures show placard actually lists the entertainment that occurred during the intermissions… I think that’s a first for me, out of all the old posters that I’ve seen.

In that very section, this Ventures telephone-pole poster lists Miss Chris Clark as one of the entertainers, but she’s buried in small print. That’s funny because before long, she would become the girlfriend of Motown’s Berry Gordy Jr., and headline her own concerts in the area.

And how about that “Mystery Guest” listed on this Ventures tour placard… anybody out there attend this show and know who that might have been?

This Ventures billboard is as cluttered with words as any old concert poster you’ll ever see, but that’s OK, no complaints from me… I think it all adds to the eye appeal.

This Ventures show poster was designed and printed by Tilghman Poster Press in Oakland, only about 20 miles from where the show took place.  Safe to say the posters were hand-delivered!

I guess it would be redundant to label this a Ventures boxing-style concert poster, because as far as I know, there was never a psychedelic concert poster made for this band in the ’60s – it just wouldn’t fit the music.

I’m afraid there are some significant goofs in the photo caption of this Ventures concert placard. In the four names under the musicians, a couple of them are misspelled and a couple are interchanged, incorrectly… sort of an unforgivable sin in concert-poster layout. (I explain in detail during the video.)

I think it’s a hoot the way this Ventures event poster says at the top, “From Hollywood…” – a bit of show-biz pizzazz that was typical in the early ’60s. Since this was before the arrival of the Beatles and the San Francisco psychedelic music scene, they had to try extra hard to stir up excitement.

In case you can’t tell in the video, this Ventures window display was bigger than the standard 14×22-inch size of most Tilghman posters… it’s a couple of inches bigger all the way around.

I love the way this vintage Ventures placard has red, blue and green colors melding together from top to bottom, an effect known by printers as “split fountain.”

I saved the cutest thing for last: the “No Jeans or Capris” admonition on this Ventures ticket poster… is that hilarious, or what?

This Ventures sign is lectured about in professorial fashion by poster collector Peter Howard (, or, 805.540.0020). I will pay top dollar, the best prices, for old vintage concert-poster advertising signs like this.

To see a few more authentic & colorful pop-concert window posters of the era, just surf over to this page right here on my Web site:

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