Amos Milburn Window Card 1949 – The Chicken Shack Boogie Man!

An old, authentic post-war Amos Milburn concert poster for his appearance at The Sunset in Indianapolis, IN on December 11, 1949.

This Amos Milburn placard immediately jumps out at you with a lovely purple-pink color, giving it very special eye appeal.

Not only that, but the highly stylized design of this Amos Milburn show poster really comprises its attractiveness… look at the elegant way his last name flows through the middle section in such graceful fashion.

But probably the catchiest element of this Amos Milburn tour poster is the piano keyboard, which shoots down from his name. Closer examination reveals an entire grand piano underneath all the action!

Also, it’s my opinion that this Amos Milburn poster has an exceptional photo of Amos on here… in addition to his handsome, smiling face, the pic has a background of splashy light rays or palm leaves that greatly enhance the whole look. Very nice.

As for the venue info up above, I kinda wonder why it states only “The Sunset” on this Amos Milburn tour placard, because in the fine print in the same area, it says “the Sunset Terrace Café” – and I’ve also heard this venue referred to as “the Sunset Terrace Ballroom.” Something for me to investigate further.

Speaking of the venue information, it is amusing how this Amos Milburn showcard  displays the date in such gigantic letters, and the ticket prices in such tiny ones!

As for its dimensions, this Amos Milburn broadside measures 14 by 22 inches, pretty much the standard size for window cards of the day.

As usual, this Amos Milburn billboard was manufactured on sturdy cardboard, not paper, allowing it to withstand the fall weather in the Midwest.

Collectors love to find an Amos Milburn boxing-style concert poster like this, because the majority of them were torn down and discarded not long after the gigs happened.

It’s not surprising that “Chicken Shack Boogie” is listed twice on this Amos Milburn concert placard, because it was a #1 rhythm & blues hit for a full month the previous year.

Poster-printing company Woolever Press of L.A. printed this Amos Milburn In-Person poster… a well-known printer from the era.

In fact, the small print across the very bottom of this Amos Milburn event poster gives not only the poster’s printer (Woolever), but also Milburn’s management company, along with their full contact information.

So now, here is the full wording found on this Amos Milburn window display, exactly as it reads from top to bottom:

(White venue area at top): The Sunset – Sunday Night Dec. 11 – (and in extremely small print, barely readable): Advance $1.40 – Tax Included – At Door $1.60 – Make Table Reservations In Person at Sunset Terrace Café

(Now into the colorful portion of the poster): In Person… That Sensational Singing, Piano Playing Chicken Shack Boogie Man – AMOS MILBURN and His Big Little Band

Exclusive Aladdin Recording Artists (star) Creators of “Hold Me Baby” – “Chicken Shack Boogie” and “Bewildered

(And the tiny credit line in the bottom margin): Exclusive Management: Federal Artists Corp., 8734 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood 46, Calif. – CR. 5-5251.  Woolever Press – Los Angeles

Fans of vintage R&B might be a little disappointed that this Amos Milburn show placard has no opening acts on it… frequently, these things included two or three musicians. Then again, sometimes it’s fun to have an important artist like Amos dominate the whole poster by himself.

I guess it would be asking too much for this Amos Milburn telephone-pole poster to have no grammatical mistakes on it… they were just so prevalent on old posters. So sure enough, the second quotation mark was left off the song title “Bewildered.”

It would have been nice if this Amos Milburn sign had the hit “Roomin’ House Boogie” listed on it as well; it was a #1 R&B hit for Amos right around this time, probably just entering the charts when this poster was designed.

In fact, this Amos Milburn announcement could’ve worked in a lot more song titles… he charted 19 straight Top 10 R&B singles during his career, although granted, many of them came after this (early ’50s).

One has to wonder if R&B legend Fats Domino happens to have an Amos Milburn ticket poster in his collection? Because Fats credits Amos as a major early influence on his own career.

This authentic, vintage Amos Milburn concert poster is very enthusiastically discussed by veteran collector Pete Howard (, or, 805-540-0020). I will pay THE VERY BEST PRICES for this poster or any & all 1930s-50s R&B / jump blues window cards, if they’re not bootlegs.

To see some more scarce and collectable post-war R&B window cards from this era, just slide on over to this page right here on my web site:

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