Animals Concert Poster 1966 by Globe – 1st & 2nd Printings (Very Unusual)

Today I show you a highly unusual instance of the famous Globe Posters company correcting a mistake and printing two versions of one of their famous, jumbo concert posters – both before the concert.

This sizeable cardboard Globe Posters window card was used to sell tickets for The Animals in concert at the Winchester Roller Rink in Winchester, Virginia on April 28, 1966.

This was just a few months before the band was re-named Eric Burdon and the Animals, singling out their lead singer.  Then you had another national hit-maker in the second slot with Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs, plus a local group at the bottom, Brutus and The Roamin’s. HOWEVER… the pictures for the latter two groups were inadvertently switched on the first printing of this poster!

So Globe did the right thing: they corrected the erroneous pictures and reprinted their jumbo Animals tour poster. And they did it in plenty of time to get the new version posted around town before the concerts.

Fortuitously, I have both versions of the poster to show you in this video. As you’ll see, Globe changed more than just the two pictures.

The initial printing of this Animals billboard listed four songs under the headliner’s name… three important hits from 1964-65, plus their current single, “Inside Looking Out,” which was a relative stiff.

But what’s cool about the second printing, in addition to correcting the pictures, is that it added another song under the Animals’ name: “It’s My Life.” That song didn’t burn up the charts, but is considered an important part of the group’s canon, and has been performed in concert by acts like Bruce Springsteen.

Since their Animals appearance poster was being re-done, Globe made a few other changes, too, although not nearly as impactful. For instance, they added a second location where you could buy tickets.

They also reconfigured the two Day-Glo orange rectangles for Sam the Sham and Brutus, to make them more compatible with the corrected photos.

All that said, my favorite part of this vintage Animals window poster is the listing of the popular songs under the group’s name… “House of the Rising Sun” (minus the “the”), “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” and “We Gotta Get Out of This Place”… and then “It’s My Life” on the second printing.

Unfortunately (a little bit), their current 45, “Inside Looking Out,” is given the most prominence. Nobody cares about that single; it barely entered Billboard’s Top 40.

And then you have the headlines above the band’s name. Check out those two cool slugs near the top of this Animals show placard. First there’s “From England and Ed Sullivan’s TV Show!” And that’s followed by, “England’s No. 1 Authentic Rhythm & Blues Group.”

I find that words like these just add tremendously to an old British Invasion concert advertisement poster like this. Who doesn’t have fond memories of Ed Sullivan’s television show?

Moving on, there’s the second-billed act on this Animals street poster. Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs were not from England but from Texas, as the poster reminds us. Sam himself is in the bottom center of their photo.

And it’s just wonderful that “Wooly Booly” is listed on the poster, because that timeless hit record would be enjoyed by generations to come. In 1965, that song spent more time on Billboard’s singles chart than any other record, even those released by the Beatles.

And then you have the usual slot for a local band at the bottom of this Animals window display, in this case Brutus and the Roamin’s. They even get the neat slug “Winchester’s Own…”

But The Roamin’s were a lot more than just the opening act; one of the band members, Hugh Brent, was the darn promoter of this concert! He’s the tall one in the upper right of their photo.

That’s why the promoter is listed at the top of this Animals tour placard as “Huebren Presents.” “Huebren” was short for Hugh Brent… his DBA, if you will. Hugh was a mover & shaker in Winchester in the 1960s.

And then down at the bottom you have “Globe Posters – Baltimore,” that printing credit which collectors like me love to see.

This Animals poster measures 22 x 28”, and was assembled on stiff cardboard, not paper. I guess that’s sort of assumed, because to the best of my knowledge, Globe didn’t make paper concert posters back then.

This Animals concert announcement is happily narrated by rock memorabilia collector Pete Howard… 805-540-0020 by telly or by e-mail. I will pay the very BEST prices for original vintage 1950s-60s rock concert posters!

To see a few other scarce, collectible ’60s concert posters by British Invasion acts like The Who, Cream and others, head over to this page right here on my Web site:

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