Beatles ’65 / Beatles Story Rare 1964 Promo Poster – Capitol Records

An original Beatles ’65 in-store poster produced by Capitol Records to promote the group’s newest waxing at the very end of 1964.

This poster also promotes the group’s previous LP, The Beatles’ Story, released just the month before.

The first thing that jumps out at you from this Beatles ’65 promo poster is the semi-sarcastic headline at the top… ‘Yeah, Yeah, We’ve Got It,’ it states in red letters.

That headline alludes, of course, to the chorus of “She Loves You,” and also the long wait fans had from the group’s previous summer release of new songs, until this one in mid-December.

A big thing that I love about this Beatles ’65 point-of-purchase poster is that – in spite of it being somewhat small in size – it actually displays twenty Beatle faces! Sixteen on the big album, of course, and four on Story. You can’t beat that visual!

And then there’s the importance of the word “Beatlemania,” found near the top of the Story album cover. That word is so important in reference to the Fab Four in 1964, so it’s awesome to have it on this poster.

This Beatles ’65 record-store merchandising poster appears to have been made “on the cheap”… it lacks the full color of the album cover, and as I said, it’s fairly small in size.

This leads me to believe that it might not have been a national marketing piece for Capitol, but rather a regional item that was designed and printed by one of the label’s many local branches somewhere around the U.S.

Adding credence to that speculation is the fact that Capitol manufactured a big, full-color Beatles ’65 retail poster that was merely a blow-up of that LP’s cover, with no further embellishment. I show you that in a separate entry here on my video blog.

Now, some collectors would prefer to have that larger, full-color cardboard item, but others undoubtedly prefer this one, with its fun proclamations at both the top and the bottom.

Speaking of clever wording, I was a bit puzzled by the way this Beatles ’65 record-store poster pushes the big album, but then calls The Beatles’ Story the “gift-of-the-year.” A little bit of a diss for the bigger album, don’t you think? Ah, I’m probably just making too much of these tiny decisions that some marketing executive made on the fly.

But notice how the poster’s designer added seven red arrows to the layout, to draw eyeballs to the two items being advertised. Six for the big album and one for the afterthought… oops, I mean the “gift-of-the-year.”

Even though this Beatles ’65 in-store merchandising poster was obviously produced on a budget, they didn’t cut corners with the paper quality… it was printed on very thick paper, giving it a nice, robust feel.

And maybe I’m giving them too hard a time for not going full-color on this poster… for, after all, red was the predominant color on both LP covers in question, so that important base was covered.

And last but not least, you have the iconic Capitol Records oval logo on this poster in three different places, greatly adding to its pizazz for Beatle collectors who love stuff like this. I sure do!

Speaking of me loving stuff, this Beatles ’65 in-store promotional poster is presented to you by veteran Fab Four collector Pete Howard. That would be me, and I can be contacted through 805-540-0020 or by emailing I don’t have this poster myself, so I will pay TOP DOLLAR IN THE HOBBY, PERIOD for this poster, as well as many other original 1960s Capitol Beatle promo posters.

And to read my story on collectable promo posters from the sixties – including all known Beatles ones – just skip over to this page right here on my site:

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