Mime Troupe Appeal II Dance-Concert Flyer – 1st Bill Graham Fillmore Show

A historic, genuine S.F. Mime Troupe Appeal II Dance-Concert handbill from December 1965, featuring the up & coming Jefferson Airplane.

This piece is notable because it was Bill Graham’s first-ever show at the famed Fillmore Auditorium, which would go on to become a shrine of the S.F. rock scene for years to come.

This S.F. Mime Troupe Appeal II Dance-Concert leaflet is no great shakes design-wise, not even featuring a bit of calligraphy. It’s all straight type-set lettering.

But it gets the point across, and besides, most of the message here was about the dryness of politics, and “continued artistic freedom in the parks.” You didn’t really need to say that in fancy lettering.

This S.F. Mime Troupe Appeal II Dance-Concert showbill was printed with brown ink on light beige paper, so at least it’s not straight black & white. That has a bit of eye appeal to it.

But there was a larger poster made to advertise this event, complete with photos of the musicians, and I’ve already recorded and posted a video blog on that.

This S.F. Mime Troupe Appeal II Dance-Concert herald is presented for you by Peter Howard, who is – yes, me! I’m a longtime music collector and historian. If you’d like to chat about this piece, and in fact if you have one maybe for sale, please drop me a line or give a holler – I pay the BEST PRICES in the hobby for this stuff, and I still need this piece. pete@postercentral.com or (805) 540-0020.

Thanks very much for your time and interest, and please drop by again soon! …Pete

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