Janis Joplin Concert Poster Great Cartoon Artwork 1969 Chicago

An amazing, colorful and charming piece of Janis Joplin concert memorabilia from her only full year as a solo performing artist – 1969.

This amazing poster advertised her concert at Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre on November 23, 1969.

This Janis Joplin show poster is unlike almost any other concert poster you’ll ever see, in that it’s driven entirely by a cartoon likeness of the headliner.  It’s so eye-catching that it’s crazy.

Credit artist Jay “Jayzey” Lynch for the tremendously fun artwork, which many see as an homage to Joplin’s hit album with her previous band, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Cheap Thrills.

Although it seems to be hidden at times, this Janis Joplin in-person poster gives the potential ticket buyer the very basics they needed: date, time and location, even down to the venue’s address.

As for ticket prices, that would have to be discovered at the point of purchase – locations which are also not given here.

This superb Janis Joplin event poster is shared with you today by Pete Howard, long-time collector and music-poster historian.  I can be written to c/o pete@postercentral.com, or phoned on (805) 540-0020.  And please do know that I pay the BEST PRICES TO BE FOUND IN THIS HOBBY for collectible concert memorabilia like this Joplin poster.

And to see a few more amazing rock-concert poster boards from the old days, including another dazzling one on Janis Joplin, just skip right over to this page here on my site: http://www.postercentral.com/rock.htm

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1 Response to Janis Joplin Concert Poster Great Cartoon Artwork 1969 Chicago

  1. Bill Paulson says:

    I have one of these Janis posters with a different ad on the back. I framed this poster 2 years ago and is displayed at my place of business

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