Palm Beach Music & Art Festival Poster 1969 – Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane

An amazing First Annual International Palm Beach Music & Art Festival poster from November 28, 29 and 30, 1969, that is weighted down with some of the best rock talent of the 1960s.

You’ve got the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, the Chambers Bros., Sly & The Family Stone, Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, Steppenwolf, Spirit, Pacific Gas & Electric, Sweetwater, Country Joe & The Fish, Johnny Winter, Rotary Connection, Grand Funk Railroad, The Rugbys, King Crimson “plus 10 more famous groups” on here.

Among those other 10 groups not mentioned were The Band and The Moody Blues. How great it would have been with their names on there, too!

But some collectors would ignore all the extra bands and just call this a 1969 Rolling Stones poster. That’s because there just aren’t many Stones concert posters from their 1969 trek of the Americas, whereas they are relatively plentiful for, say, Janis Joplin.

I’m aware of just the well-known David Byrd “woman in flowing robe” tour blank poster, which actually wasn’t used that much at all, and then a one-off concert poster for the Stones’ Auburn, Alabama 1969 show.

And then others would focus just on the two biggest superstars, and call this a Rolling Stones & Janis Joplin poster, acknowledging that all the others appeared on concert posters a lot through the early ’70s.

But I call it a 1960s music festival poster, because this was the era, and a lot of other fun ones exist: Woodstock, Monterey Pop, the Atlanta Pop Festival… there are many, and they all used posters.

Graphic artist Royce Emley is the person who designed this Palm Beach Music & Art Festival concert poster, and his name is in small print down in the lower right-hand corner.

In the lower left-hand corner it says, “For information contact” and then gives a Post Office box you can write to. No phone number.

I like the way Emley stuck with pastel colors on his 1969 Rolling Stones concert poster. The red, light green, light blue, black and white make for a nice, warm five-color presentation.

Did you notice he got the peace sign wrong, though? He forgot the bottom stem! So it looks like a Mercedes-Benz car logo.

Emley corrected that on all subsequent reprints – after the event – so if you want an original that was printed before the show to sell tickets, you need to have the incorrect peace sign on there. Funny!

Call it whatever you want, but this Rolling Stones & Janis Joplin concert poster was happily presented to you today by collector Pete Howard. (I attended my first rock concert in 1969, but didn’t see the Stones until their next tour, 1972.) I can be written to at or called on 805/540.0020. And I don’t own this poster, I was shooting a friend’s, so please be aware that I’d pay the best prices in this hobby, period, to get one of these, or any cool, vintage 1960s & older concert posters.

And while you’re here on my site, to see a few more vintage & rare Rolling Stones concert posters even older than this, just slide over to

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2 Responses to Palm Beach Music & Art Festival Poster 1969 – Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane

  1. Hi Pete,I would like to make a few corrections on your comments about the Palm Beach Pop Festival as the locals call it. First of all neither The Band nor the Moody Blues played at Palm Beach. We did have Vanilla Fudge, the had a famous jam with Johnny Winter and Janis Joplin that went on for about 2 hours.Iron Butterfly and Bethlehem Asylum also played at PB. The Rugby’s did not get to play because of a helicopter problem and John Kay and Steppenwolf got timed out because the Jefferson Airplane played too long. This was the only festival that The Stones played at, all of their Dates were The Stones as a single act. The date they played before Palm Beach was MSG and they recorded Get Yer Ya Yas Out. Then they came to PB and performed that whole album.This was six days before Altamont. I was the official photographer and my site is
    Peace, Ken Davidoff

  2. Beautiful contribution and clarifications, Ken. Thanks so very much! Really terrific to hear it directly from someone who was not only there, but had a vested business interest (photography) and obviously either a good memory or great notes (or both). Thanks again! –Pete

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