BG-8 Fillmore Flyer – Andy Warhol, VU & Nico, Mothers of Invention in 5 Different Colors

A very early Bill Graham Presents handbill that advertised a crazy line-up at the Fillmore Auditorium: Andy Warhol and His Plastic Inevitable, the Velvet Underground and Nico – “Pop Girl of ’66” – and the Mothers (of Invention, with Frank Zappa) over the weekend of May 27-29, 1966.

And not only that, but I show you a total of seven variants of this piece in five different colors – a real feast for the eyes. All of them are true original first printings, done well before the weekend to help sell tickets.

This video is brought to you by collector and music documentarian Pete Howard, who can be reached via either or (805) 540-0020. That’s me, and I pay the very best prices in the hobby for the earliest Bill Graham and Family Dog concert advertising pieces like this, both large (posters) and small (handbills).

Thank you for dropping by today, and have a good day!

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