Solomon Burke Concert Poster 1960s Soul Music Pioneer, R&R Hall of Famer

A really outstanding mid-’60s Solomon Burke window card with ten hitmakers on it, headlined by Burke, Jerry Butler, The Drifters and Chuck Jackson.

This five-color beauty consists of bright pink and yellow inks, run alongside the standard black & white colors plus red venue info typed in above. So in all, five different colors combine to give this its dazzling effect.

Credit Posters Inc. out of Philadelphia for creating this beautiful Solomon Burke show poster. It was printed on rigid card stock, and measures the standard jumbo size of 22 x 28 inches.

In fact, Posters Inc. printed their credit way down at the bottom in pink ink! It really looks cool, classy and different.

The Mosque in Richmond, Virginia was the home to this particular Solomon Burke tour poster. That’s stated in big red letters at the top.

“Sat., Sept. 12,” it then says, with 1964 not needing to be mentioned. Ticket prices are then given as “$1.50 – $2.00 – $2.50,” with cute little pointing hands on either side. Five locations to buy them are then rattled off.

The condition of this Solomon Burke broadside is simply amazing. It was definitely never used to sell tickets; it has no tape residue, thumbtack holes, creases, fading or trimming. It’s a really gem example.

I’ve always stated in my blogs that it’s OK, it’s perfectly fine, for an old poster to look old and used… it can add to its charm. But then once in a while a mint copy like this shows up, and really makes me re-think my position.

“Supersonic Attractions Presents” are the first words at the top of the permanent portion of this Solomon Burke window poster. They were a very active national tour promoter back in the day.

In fact, their name frequently appeared at the top of Globe Posters printed in Baltimore, MD, but on occasion they’d order their posters to be designed and printed by Posters Inc., like this one.

“Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” is the most prominent song found on this Solomon Burke concert placard. It wasn’t much of a hit for Mr. Burke, but boy was it an important song.

It was subsequently covered by The Rolling Stones and Wilson Pickett, and performed live by Led Zeppelin as part of their long medleys. It’s a song with true staying power, and has been performed endlessly over the ensuing decades.

Then Jerry Butler occupies the other top space on this Solomon Burke appearance poster. “I Stand Accused” was, unfortunately, not much of a hit for him.

However, his very next single, “Let It Be Me,” would break through nicely into the Top 5 of Billboard’s pop singles chart – and was a duet with Betty Everett, who is down in the bottom row.

The Drifters appear to be rejoicing on this Solomon Burke telephone-pole poster, and rightfully so: their “Under the Boardwalk” was a huge Top 5 pop hit for them this year.

Fortunately, that’s the song chosen to be listed above their photo, so it’s a great Drifters’ presence that’s felt on this concert poster. “Boardwalk” would be, by the way, their last major hit.

Then Chuck Jackson grabs the fourth spot on this Solomon Burke tour placard. His song title given is “Beg Me,” but that one didn’t do much. He remained best known for his hit “Any Day Now” two years prior.

Those four sort of stand alone above the yellow diamond which says “All In Person.” Below that, the other half-dozen second-tier musicians are listed.

Even if you don’t love any of the other musicians, this is one heckuva piece of Solomon Burke concert memorabilia. I think it’s about the nicest concert poster of his I’ve ever seen.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Burke stand-alone poster – with him as the only act. He was almost always part of a package tour like this.

This Solomon Burke street poster is happily discussed and shown to you today by Pete Howard, former ICE magazine publisher and long-time music fan and historian. I can be contacted through or via the (805) 540.0020 phone number. In doing so, please keep in mind that I pay the very best & highest prices in this hobby, bar none, for not only any old Solomon Burke concert announcement like this, but any & all vintage soul music and R&B concert posters.

If you’d like to see a few more dazzlers from the ’60s, almost all soul-music multi-act concert window cards, then just slide your mouse over one space to this page:

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