Where The Action Is! Window Card 1960s Gary Lewis & The Playboys

A colorful, dynamic mid-’60s Where The Action Is concert poster resplendent in yellow & orange Day-Glo colors, plus blue, white and red as well. It’s a real show-stopper.

Posters Inc. out of Philadelphia designed and printed this, and their credit is down in the lower right-hand corner.

Now, some folks would rightly call this a Paul Revere & The Raiders window card, because they’re featured prominently in the top row.

Also, they were the house band for the television show, and this tour was definitely a spin-off of that popular weekly show.

But others would step in and insist that it’s a Gary Lewis & The Playboys concert poster, because they were, by far, the most commercially successful act on the poster.

They had just released their 7th consecutive Top 10 pop hit, “Green Grass,” at the time of this tour. Nobody else could come close to matching that.

But I suppose the best umbrella term to use is a Where The Action Is show poster. That covers everybody.

My name is Pete Howard and I pay the very best prices in the hobby, period, for vintage concert signs like this. Please feel free to contact me using either pete@postercentral.com or calling (805) 540-0020. Thank you.

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