Elvis Presley Concert Poster 1970s Casino Show Placard – 3 AM Mother’s Day!

A previously unknown Mother’s Day 1973 Elvis concert poster for a 3 AM benefit show that sold out and raised money for a local South Lake Tahoe hospital. This was an inside-the-venue Sahara Tahoe concert poster which actually mentions his mother, Gladys Presley, twice on the poster itself, which is certainly unprecedented. Not the prettiest poster with McDonald’s colors and no photo of The King, but rare as a hen’s tooth and representing a show that was released on CD and got rave reviews. Enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of PosterCentral.com (phone 805-540-0020, email pete@postercentral.com). If you’re into rare Elvis concert posters, be sure to check out additional images from the ’50s shown on this page located here on my web site: http://www.postercentral.com/elvispresley.htm

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2 Responses to Elvis Presley Concert Poster 1970s Casino Show Placard – 3 AM Mother’s Day!

  1. that is an astonishing find. I wonder how many other performers did 3 am shows – but to see Gladys referenced on the poster – that blows my mind.

  2. Joe Krein says:

    I have a photo in my book of that poster out side the casino . so it is very real. i also have a poster that was on the elevator for his Mothers Day Concert . It mentions a rose or carnation to all Mothers. Elvis speaks about this poster during the concert.

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