Buddy Holly and the Crickets Concert Poster w/ Everly Bros. 1958

One of the best-looking and most exciting 1950s rock ‘n roll concert posters you’ll ever see, period. This January 1958 gem features a wonderfully colorful line-up of household names and long-gone one-hit wonders. Buddy Holly and the Crickets are down-billed but the star of the poster, because one year later, Holly would be dead. The Everly Brothers dominate the poster because they were riding a highly influential crest of timeless hit singles. And almost everyone else had at least one big Top 40 hit that evokes the “American Graffiti” era. Tough to fit it all into one video, but enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of PosterCentral.com (phone 805-540-0020, email pete@postercentral.com). If you love Fifties rock & roll and have a pulse, there’s more to faint at here: http://www.postercentral.com/multi-act_1950s.htm

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