Santana Concert Poster 1968 Lee Conklin Classic Artwork BG-134

On the rare occasion when a concert poster subsequently gets turned into album-cover art, that poster quickly becomes immortalized. Such is the case with this summer 1968 masterpiece by poster artist Lee Conklin. It’s often thought of as “a Santana concert poster” because that band turned it into the cover of their debut LP in 1969. But it was really a series of six shows at the old Fillmore West that headlined the Grateful Dead and Steppenwolf; Santana was third-billed and largely unknown outside the Bay Area. All of this beautiful poster’s intricate aspects are enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of (phone 805-540-0020, email And if you’re fond of great psychedelic poster art, be sure to see more on this page of my web site which you’re on:

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1 Response to Santana Concert Poster 1968 Lee Conklin Classic Artwork BG-134

  1. Walter Carle says:

    I have the poster from the LP. I sent away for it for only $2.00. I have it framed. It looks like the pormo poster in the clip. It dies not have the album in te lions mouth. Lees name is in the lower right hand corner. Can anyone tell me how much this is worth. I’ve never seen one like it.

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