Jimi Hendrix Experience Concert Posters – Wash. D.C. & Philly 1968

1968 was probably Jimi Hendrix’s best year, and he toured incessantly. And yet his management never used a so-called “tour blank” concert-poster template, so that means for every individual show Jimi gave that year, some local poster artist would design a concert poster for that one event only, never to be used again. Here are a couple of great examples from March of 1968, from Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. Enthusiastically discussed by collector Pete Howard of PosterCentral.com (phone 805-540-0020, email pete@postercentral.com). For more images and a further explanation of how tour blanks are used (including Hendrix), view this page located here on my web site: http://www.postercentral.com/whentourblanksnotused.htm

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