Etta James Bo Diddley Window Cards 1950s R&B Revue Shows

Two gorgeous, colorful ’50s Top 10 Rhythm & Blues Review concert posters, both sharing Etta James and Bo Diddley early in their careers, and both featuring a lot of other significant Fifties R&B musicians at the dawn of rock ’n’ roll in 1955.

Other important artists found on these scarce R&B window cards include The Clovers, The Five Keys, Jimmy Witherspoon, Big Joe Turner, Bill Doggett and Faye Adams.

Globe Poster Company of Baltimore, MD printed up these splashy, multi-artist concert posters, which also go under the name of placards, billboards, broadsides, etc.

Globe Poster’s window-card displays for rock and roll and R&B concerts have a special charm among fans and collectors. They usually had very colorful graphics, and future members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame always seem to be present.

Both posters had white spaces at the top for individual tour stops to be printed in with ticket price, venue, date and time of show. The red & green poster has those details printed in, whereas the blue & purple one does not.

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The complete wording found on the red & green poster… starting with the venue information: Concert & Dance – Memorial Aud., Chattanooga – Tues. Sept. 27 at 8 P.M. – Advance $1.50 – At Door $2.00

And then the color section: 1955 Fall Edition – Top 10 Rhythm & Blues Review – On Stage, In Person, All-Together…

Faye Adams – “Hurts Me To My Heart” and “Shake a Hand”; The Clovers, America’s Top Quartet; Checker Records’ Bo Diddley, “I’m a Man” and “Bo Diddley”; Big Joe Turner, “Honey Hush”; Bill Doggett, Hammond Organ Stylist;

The Charms, “Hearts of Stone”; Charlie and Ray; Paul Williams Big Band, “Mr. Hucklebuck”; The Five Keys, “The Glory of Love”; and in the bottom green stripe, Etta James and the Peaches; Al Jackson, formerly of Patterson-Jackson; and Gene & Eunice, “This Is My Story.”

And the wording on the blue & purple poster is as follows, exactly: The Little Big Show (headline at the top; then) The… Original Bo Diddley Man Himself… “I’m a Man” and “Bo Diddley”; Modern [Records] Recording Star Etta James and The Peaches, “Dance with Me Henry” and “Wallflower”; Charlie & Ray, “Certainly Baby” and “Dearest One”; Jimmy Witherspoon, “When the Lights Go Out”; and Jon Thomas and his Orchestra. And then the printers’ name, Globe Poster – Baltimore.

And to see more old R&B cardboard concert window cards such as these, just hop over to this page right here on my Web site,

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