Willie Nelson Concert Poster 1960s Grand Ole’ Opry & Tex Ritter

A vintage, genuine Willie Nelson concert poster from Kansas City, Kansas in 1963 with a few stars of the Grand Ole’ Opry sharing the bill with Willie.

This boxing-style billboard / broadside was printed by the Colorcraft Poster Co. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and measures 14 inches wide by 22 inches tall.

This original country music window card has Hall-of-Famer Tex Ritter headlining, along with new star Bill Anderson.

Willie Nelson was still mainly known as a songwriter in 1963, not a recorder of hit records. Fortuitously, this concert placard shows two of his biggest compositions ever, right under his name: “Hello Walls” and “Crazy.”

Don’t check out early, because at the end of this video I pull out a Patsy Cline concert poster from 1960 to flash you. (It doesn’t get its own video because it’s pretty plain-looking.)

Both C&W posters enthusiastically shown off by collector Pete Howard of PosterCentral.com (cell phone 805-540-0020, email address pete@postercentral.com).

And if older country-music concert posters like this thrill you, you can catch a few more on this page located right here on my web site: http://www.postercentral.com/country.htm

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