Elvis Presley Concert Poster 1950s – Fox Theater, Detroit, Mich.

An original, authentic Elvis Presley concert poster for his three shows on May 25, 1956 at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, MI.

This vintage 1956 Elvis Presley window card was printed up for the sole purpose of selling tickets for the shows, and most of them were tossed out the next day.

Elvis is billed across the top of the poster as “The Nation’s New Singing Sensation,” and all tickets were priced at only $1.50 each!

Original ’50s Elvis Presley boxing-style cardboard concert posters are scarce today due to most of them being discarded over half-a-century ago.

In fact, ANY 1950s rock & roll concert posters are collectors’ items, especially when talking about the cardboard window-card ones.

This original Elvis Presley broadside (as they used to call them) measures roughly 14 by 22 inches, and it’s been bootlegged innumerable times since then.

I, serious collector Pete Howard, will pay top dollar for this poster – as in, thousands of dollars – because I don’t own the one I’m showing you here… it was on loan from a prominent West Coast poster collection, for the purposes of this video. (I can be reached at phone 805-540-0020 or email pete@postercentral.com).

If you enjoy these Elvis concert posters from his first decade like I do, be sure to check out additional images from the 1950s shown on this page located here on my web site: http://www.postercentral.com/elvispresley.htm

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