Chuck Berry Concert Poster 1950s Window Card – Segregated Whites!

A Chuck Berry concert poster from Hampton, VA for a show on Nov. 7, 1959 at the Sports Arena, with a bold statement that specifically encourages Caucasian patrons to attend.

This big, cardboard Chuck Berry window card has a “segregation line” or “seg line” for short, which is not common on old show posters from the south, but certainly not unheard of… serious poster collectors are aware of dozens of examples.

The complete and full wording found on this Chuck Berry concert billboard, which, by the way, measures 22 x 28”:

Rock ’N Roll Show – Sport’s Arena [sic] – Hampton, VA. – (in red letters now): Saturday, Nov. 7 – 2 Shows – 8:00 P.M. and 11:00 P.M.

(Back to blue lettering): Advance Admission $1.75 – At Door $2.50. Tickets on sale: B & M Drive In, Hampton; Sports Arena, Hampton; B & M Drive In, Route 17 (doesn’t give a town name); Empire Motel, Buckroe; Yorktown Motor Lodge, Route 17 (likewise); and Other Popular Places.

IN PERSON! Making His First Appearance On The Peninsula For Whites – (in gigantic red letters): CHUCK BERRY – Plus All Star Cast

1950s Chuck Berry concert posters with “Rock ’N Roll Show” plastered across them are definite collector’s items, because they nostalgically invoke the birth of rock.

The bottom of this piece was trimmed off, but just by its appearance, it’s likely that this Chuck Berry concert broadside was printed by Globe Posters in Baltimore.

This 1950s Chuck Berry telephone-pole poster is shown off and lectured about by poster collector Pete Howard (805-540-0020 or Pete pays the VERY BEST prices for vintage rock & roll window advertising cards like this.

If other Fifties rock & roll concert posters by the genre’s founding fathers would delight you, just move over to see a few more gems on this page right here on my Web site:

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