Biggest Show Of Stars Window Card – Teen Idols Avalon, Rydell, etc.

An original Biggest Show of Stars concert poster for the 1960 Winter Edition of BSOS from Lansing, MI on Feb. 28, 1960.

Frankie Avalon held down the headline slot on this multi-artist, touring caravan concert poster from the 60’s.

This specific Biggest Show of Stars show placard (1960 Winter Edition) is probably one of my five favorite BSOS posters in the 10-year series, because of its striking colors.

This cardboard boxing-style poster was actually conceived as a “tour blank” that was used for a lot of shows along the tour. Each city’s unique information would be printed up above in the “venue info” area.

This specific Biggest Show of Stars show poster was most likely printed in two different sizes… jumbo, which I show here, and a smaller size.

Here is the exact wording as it reads on this Biggest Show of Stars billboard, from top to bottom:

(Blue lettering at the top): CIVIC CENTER Lansing, Michigan – Sunday February 28 ….. 1 Show – 7:00 P.M. ….. Prices: $2.75 – $2.10 – $1.75 Tax Included – Tickets On Sale: Civic Center Box Office, Paramount News

(Into the colorful portion now): GAC Super Productions Presents – The Biggest Show of Stars for 1960! Winter Edition – Starring Frankie Avalon – “Why”  and “Just Ask Your Heart”

All In Person: Clyde McPhatter “Let’s Try Again,” The Crests “A Year Ago Tonight,” Bobby Rydell “We Got Love,” Freddy Cannon “Way Down Yonder in New Orleans,” Johnny and the Hurricanes “Reveille Rock,” Sammy Turner “Always,” Linda Laurie “All Winter Long,” Isley Bros. “Shout” and The Clovers “Love Potion No. 9”

(And then the bottom row of artists): Dick Caruso. (In big orange starburst): Extra Added Attraction – England’s No. 1 Singing Sensation Cliff Richards; Harold Cromer M.C.  Paul Williams and his Show of Stars Orchestra.  (And in the small white border area): Globe Poster – Baltimore

GAC Super Productions had this Biggest Show of Stars tour poster manufactured in large quantities when the tour was being planned, and then dropped in specific information on perhaps 50-100 posters for each stop along the tour, such as Lansing.

Collectors like to say that a Biggest Show of Stars telephone-pole poster from any year between 1957-65 is a challenge to hunt down, because so many were discarded after the concerts.

Splashy Day-Glo colors of green, orange and yellow make this Biggest Show of Stars placard one of the finest-looking ever produced.  And in a really odd twist, I’ve seen this exact Biggest Show of Stars broadside (Winter ’60) with bright PINK ink instead of the orange!

Not surprisingly, Globe Poster of Baltimore designed and printed this Biggest Show of Stars concert placard, possibly even in late 1959.

This Biggest Show of Stars ticket poster is (video) blogged and discussed by well-known collector Pete Howard (contact me: or by phone at 805.540.0020). Pete (yes, me) pays the BEST prices anywhere for rare, collectible 1950s and 1960s concert posters, tickets and handbills.

To see a handful of other scarce, collectable multi-artist window displays for some Biggest Show of Stars tours from different years, be sure to stop by this page of my web site:

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