Beatles 1964 Window Card for Closed-Circuit Concert Broadcast

A vintage, authentic Beatles poster advertising a closed-circuit broadcast of the Fab Four’s February 11, 1964 concert in Washington D.C., which was subsequently transmitted to movie theaters across the U.S. on March 14 and 15, 1964.

This vintage Beatles placard is, in fact, a hybrid advertising poster, because it informs the public that the event is both a tape-delayed concert on the big screen (with the Beatles, Beach Boys and Lesley Gore) and a live stage show, too (the Orlons, Tymes and Frankie Lymon, all genuine hit-makers hailing from the Philly / NY area)

The Beatles’ February 11, 1964 Washington D.C. concert is hands-down one of their finest hours, and their first show ever in North America.  However, due to their wild popularity, concert posters never had to be used to sell tickets – the boys sell out everything instantly by word-of-mouth.

So it stands to reason that a genuine Beatles boxing-style concert poster of any design is pretty unusual, which gives this particular poster its unique feeling.

Now, if this was a real Beatles show poster for their Washington, D.C. concert, it would be extremely collectible and worth a lot… but as I said, that poster doesn’t exist (except in bootleg form, of which there are actually many).

As a matter of fact, vintage Beatles tour posters were not really printed up with any sense of normalcy until the Fabs’ 1966 U.S. tour, when they started playing venues so big that they needed to enlist marketing tools to move all the tickets.

Naturally, it would have been nice if this Beatles billboard had photographs of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr on it, but alas, no picture of the group was used. Not enough room!

All of the text found on this authentic Beatles concert placard, just as it reads from top to bottom:

Jerry Blavat (a local DJ) Presents The BEATLES – Lesley Gore – The Beach Boys – Plus – In Person – The Orlons – The Tymes – Frankie Lymon

Sat. & Sun. March 14 & 15 – Shows at 11:45 (AM) & 2:15 PM – Delaware Valley Garden – Brace & Berlin Roads – Cherry Hill, New Jersey – $2.00 Per Ticket

(And then in smaller print at the bottom) Tickets Available at: Delaware Valley Garden – Pennsauken Mart Record Dept. – Buddy’s Ticket Agency, Hammonton – Calico Kitchen Restaurants, Camden – Airport Circle & Cherry Hill Mall. (And then tiny print in lower right corner) Posters Inc., 835 Cherry St., Philadelphia

Posters Inc. was located right across the river from Cherry Hill, NJ., so it makes perfect sense that they produced this poster.

This old, original Beatles window display was taped and shown here by collector Pete Howard of San Luis Obispo, California (805-540-0020, As a first-generation Beatles fan and collector, I will pay TOP DOLLAR for any original 1960s Beatles concert poster that I don’t have. I once had three of my original, authentic Beatles English concert posters on display in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum for years, so I’m quite serious and sincere!

To cast your eyes upon a few other original Beatles ticket posters, just head on over to this page right here on my Web site:

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