Louis Armstrong Concert Poster 1930s The Trumpet King of Swing!

A vintage 1930s Louis Armstrong window card for the legendary trumpeter’s appearance at the Celoron Park Pier in New York state on June 17, 1939.

Like most posters of the day, this Louis Armstrong boxing-style poster was manufactured on cardboard and measures 14 by 22”.

This vintage Louis Armstrong concert poster was designed and printed for the purpose of selling tickets in the Buffalo, New York area during the spring of 1939.

Look at how the colors dissolve into each other on this Louis Armstrong show poster… starting with red letters at the top, to orange in the poster’s middle to yellow down below.

For some reason, no printer’s credit is given at the bottom of this Louis Armstrong placard, so its maker is unknown.

It’s worth noting that Satchmo’s manager, Joe Glaser, took credit twice on this Louis Armstrong broadside… first at the top in tiny print, and once again at the bottom in bigger type.

Notice how this Louis Armstrong billboard has no printer’s union bug at the bottom, in the white margin below the color portion, but it does have a printer’s bug for the simple red lettering up at the top (you can see it under “June”).

One of the strongest characteristics of this Louis Armstrong concert placard is how large the lettering for his name was… those letters alone take up more than half the poster!

Satchmo’s friend of the 1930s, bandleader Chick Webb, had just died the day before this show, I’m sorry to point out. One wonders if Louis paid tribute to Chick from the stage that night.

On a brighter note, Armstrong’s brand new re-recording of his classic “West End Blues” entered Billboard’s charts on the exact day given on this Louis Armstrong tour placard… June 17, 1939.

BTW, Louie was on his third major record label at this time, Decca Records (which gets a nice plug on the poster).

This Louis Armstrong in-person poster is in excellent condition, given its age… it has some nail holes and maybe a little fading, but no tears, creases, writing or water stains.

Now for the complete text, just as it reads on this vintage Louis Armstrong ticket poster, starting from top to bottom:

[Big red letters]: The Pier – Celoron Park – Sat. June 17

[And down in the color portion]: Joe Glaser Presents The Trumpet King of Swing – In Person – LOUIS ARMSTRONG and his Orchestra

[And then the plug for]: Decca Records [And in the bottom white margin]: Management: Joe Glaser Inc., RKO Bldg., Radio City, N.Y.

In case you were wondering, this is not the only Louis Armstrong window display to use an artist’s drawing of his face instead of the traditional photograph… this was a common technique of the day.

Old posters like this can be tough to find, because most Louis Armstrong tour posters from the first half of the century were recycled during WWII paper drives.

This antique Louis Armstrong telephone-pole poster is displayed, discussed and drooled over by window-card collector Pete Howard (805-540-0020 or pete@postercentral.com). I will pay TOP DOLLAR for vintage jazz, blues and big-band displays like this, especially Louie, Billie and Duke.

Now if you’d like to see a few more old, colorful big-band and jazz show placards, just head over to this page right here on my Web site: http://www.postercentral.com/bigbandvocalists.htm

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