Jefferson Airplane Handbill 1966 A Tribal Stomp w/Big Brother & Holding Company

This is an original paper handbill nicknamed “A Tribal Stomp,” which was used to advertise the Jefferson Airplane plus Big Brother & The Holding Company at the Fillmore Auditorium on February 19, 1966.

Seminal S.F. poster artist Wes Wilson was the designer of this Jefferson Airplane concert leaflet. The handbill and the larger poster both had the exact same artwork.

This Jefferson Airplane Fillmore Auditorium flyer is known as FD-1 in collector’s circles.  It was the very first Family Dog poster & handbill issued in the Dog’s numbered series.

At the time of this show, neither Grace Slick nor Janis Joplin had yet joined their respective permanent groups, the Airplane and Big Brother. Joplin would join the latter in a couple of months, and Slick would join the Airplane later that fall.

Although Grace and Janis had not yet joined those groups, this original Jefferson Airplane Tribal Stomp appearance sheet is popular among collectors because it features two of San Francisco’s three biggest psychedelic-rock outfits to ever come down the pike (the third being, of course, the Grateful Dead).

Although most San Francisco psychedelic posters and flyers were well-known for their wild, splashy colors, this Jefferson Airplane concert handout was printed with only black ink on yellow paper. Some folks would counteract that by coloring in their FD-1 fliers, especially the big, hollow Jefferson Airplane letters.

This Jefferson Airplane appearance sheet depicts a pair of native American Indians on horseback inside the oval in the middle. The dance-concert’s nickname, “A Tribal Stomp,” was then superimposed over that photo – also in hollow letters.

When Wes Wilson and the Family Dog camp created this Jefferson Airplane concert herald, it was the first time they held a dance at the Fillmore Auditorium … this was all new territory.

This genuine Tribal Stomp handbill was printed in three colors before the show… yellow as I show you here, plus versions on white and blue paper.

The original Jefferson Airplane Tribal Stomp poster, however, was printed only on white paper.

This Tribal Stomp handout is much smaller than the poster, as you can see here in my video… its dimensions are only 5.5 by 8.5 inches.

In addition to this yellow-colored original, I also show you a Genuine Counterfeit Tribal Stomp flyer… printed on white paper. Family Dog guru Chet Helms would often rubber-stamp illegitimate printings with the words “Genuine Counterfeit” to beat the pirates at their own game.

The promoters for this Jefferson Airplane Tribal Stomp herald – Chet Helms and John Carpenter – didn’t have a lot of confidence in their first dance/concert… it was held for one night only, and one concert only! Before long, the Fillmore would be presenting multiple shows every weekend.

The entire wording on this Jefferson Airplane Tribal Stomp slinger, just as it reads from top to bottom:

The Family Dog Presents [logo in upper left corner, not the final FD logo yet] – The Jefferson Airplane – A Tribal Stomp – and Big Brother and the Holding Company

Admission $2.00 [to the direct right of the oval] – Fillmore Auditorium – Fillmore and Geary – S.F. – 9:00 PM – Saturday Feb. 19 – [and in the tiniest of letters, lower left] Wes Wilson

This Family Dog slinger for the Jefferson Airplane and Big Brother & The Holding Company is harder to find than subsequent FD handbills, because everything was new and unknown with the presentation of this show.

This Jefferson Airplane Family Dog handbill is instructed about, and carefully compared to the counterfeit version, by collector Pete Howard ( or cell phone 805-540-0020). I, Peter, will pay top dollar for this particular handbill or other very early San Francisco psychedelic music artifacts.

To see other classic psychedelic S.F. advertising pieces, most of them more colorful than this, just flip over to this page located here on my Web site:

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