Fats Domino Chuck Berry Window Card 1957 Biggest Show of Stars

A beautiful Fats Domino Bill Doggett concert poster featuring six members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Chuck Berry, LaVern Baker, The Moonglows, Charles Brown, Doggett and Fats – plus several other star musicians.

(TEMPORARY NOTICE: This is a new video, and replaces one that I shot and posted nine months ago, but which contained an error I couldn’t live with – I kept saying “1956” when it’s a 1957 poster. That video was for the same poster dated March 4 [1957] in Tacoma, Washington, whereas this poster is from March 3 in Spokane, so they’re extremely similar. Thank you for indulging my redundancy in order to get all my facts right.  ~Pete)

This Biggest Show of Stars For ’57 concert poster is from Spokane, WA on the March 3rd date on this long national tour.

Globe Posters out of Baltimore, MD designed and printed this Fats Domino Bill Doggett placard, using primary colors of pink, yellow and blue.  And then also mixed in were black, white and a second, deeper shade of blue (up top in the venue area).

I love the way a local radio DJ is plugged on this particular Biggest Show of Stars For ’57 tour placard; perhaps other disc jockeys were plugged in their own cities elsewhere along the tour, as well.

I’m particularly fond of the Globe Posters – Baltimore credit printed at the bottom of this Fats Domino Bill Doggett window display – notice that it’s printed in pink ink!

Globe actually manufactured two different sizes of their Biggest Show of Stars For ’57 event poster; the 17 x 23” version I show here, and a larger 22 x 28” size.

The Biggest Show of Stars For ’57 show poster which I discuss here is for the Spring edition of that nationwide tour; there is also a Fall ’57 edition, the poster of which I’ve blogged in another video located here.

It’s worth noting that it’s an entirely black line-up shown on this Fats Domino Bill Doggett poster; usually these tours were comprised of a mix of African American and white musicians, but not this time.

If you’re a collector and want to seek out a copy of this Biggest Show of Stars For ’57 In Person poster, you have a lot more to choose from than just the Spokane one. As mentioned, this tour went on for at least two months. So in addition to Spokane, I’ve also spotted this Fats Domino Bill Doggett broadside (or flyer) from Buffalo, New York on February 19th; Topeka, KS on February 24th; Tacoma, Washington on March 4; Seattle, Washington on March 7; Tucson, Arizona on March 17th; Atlanta, Georgia on March 31st; Charlotte, North Carolina on April 4; Charleston, West Virginia on April 9th; Hartford, Connecticut on April 14; Kansas City, MO on April 21; Scranton, Pennsylvania on Apr. 27th; Rochester, New York on Apr. 30th; and Youngstown, OH on May 1. And those are just a few of the dates.

The precise wording, just as it reads on this Biggest Show of Stars For ’57 billboard, taking it from top to bottom:

(Blue block print in venue area): Spokane Coliseum – Spokane – Sunday Mar. 3 – 7:30 PM – Tickets: Desert Hotel and Jacoy [short for P.M. Jacoy’s Cigar Shop and Newsstand] – Listen to Gene Lawson KGA – 1510

Super Attractions present The Biggest Show of Stars For ’57 – In Person

Fats Domino and his Orchestra (with no song title); Bill Doggett “Honky Tonk” featuring “Crying” Tommy Brown; LaVern Baker, “Jim Dandy”; Clyde “Without Love” McPhatter; The 5 Keys, “Wisdom of a Fool”; The 5 Satins (with no song title); Chuck Berry, “Roll Over Beethoven”; The Schoolboys (with no song title or picture); Eddie Cooley and the Dimples, “Priscilla”; Ann Cole (no song title); The Moonglows (also no song title); Charles Brown (ditto); plus Paul Williams and his Big Orchestra.  Globe Posters – Baltimore.

Boy, you talk about hit-making power… the musicians featured on this Fats Domino Bill Doggett show placard combined for a total of 143 Top 20 rhythm & blues hits in their careers!  Whew!

So it’s extra interesting to make note that Fats Domino has no song titles by his name on this Biggest Show of Stars For ’57 ticket poster. Don’t let that mislead you, though… the very week of this concert, Mr. Domino had four singles in Billboard magazine’s current Top 100! And that was pop, not R&B!

You might be wondering why Bill Doggett, not exactly a household name, got co-headlining status with Fats on this Fats Domino Bill Doggett sign. It’s because “Honky Tonk” was a huge hit record for Doggett, spending three months at the number one spot on Billboard’s R&B singles chart.

This Fats Domino Bill Doggett tour poster is the product of a company named Super Attractions, Super Enterprises and Super Sonic Attractions  – their name varied over the years.

And this Biggest Show of Stars For ’57 telephone pole poster was actually the first “BSOS” concert tour to happen under that moniker, in what would turn out to be a 10-year run for the concert series, from 1957 to 1965. There were usually between two and four such tours per year.

It’s my personal opinion that Chuck Berry and “Roll Over Beethoven” carry the day on this Fats Domino Bill Doggett announcement. The lovely combination of Berry’s immense status, the snazzy fonts, a legendary song title, the snappy pink color and Chuck’s head-in-a-star design make him really jump off of this poster.

This Biggest Show of Stars For ’57 boxing-style concert poster is delved into deeply by me, poster collector Pete Howard (805-540-0020 / or pete@postercentral.com).  I will pay TOP DOLLAR for this poster from any stop along its two-month national trek in the spring of 1957, because I don’t have one; I was videotaping a friend’s.

And if you’re as taken with this Fats Domino Bill Doggett concert placard as I am, you can catch a few more standout examples on this page right here on my Web site: http://www.postercentral.com/multi-act_1950s.htm

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