Rolling Stones 1st American Tour Window Card – 1964 Carnegie Hall

An authentic, vintage Rolling Stones concert poster for the band’s pair of shows at New York City’s Carnegie Hall on June 20, 1964.

This was the group’s final show of their very first U.S. tour, and ticket sales had been slow in places, so this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall placard was used to help sell tickets around the New York area.

It’s amazing how New York DJ Murray the K got top billing over everyone else on this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall tour poster. At this point, he was the most famous DJ in town, and friend to the Beatles.

Murray, a WINS disc jockey, was incestuously tied to these shows because not only is he presented as part of the entertainment, he also does the presenting: “Jaymur Productions,” heralded across the top of the Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall poster, was Murray plus a partner.

The ticket prices were pretty high on this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall tour placard… a top price of $5.50 was awfully steep for an unknown group without a hit record yet… but then, New York had a huge population base to draw from.

To best grab the attention of teenagers and potential customers, bright red and yellow colors were liberally used on this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall boxing style concert poster.

“England’s Newest Sensations,” as the poster calls them, played two shows on this date, at 2:30 and 7:30 PM, information which is stated clearly down in the lower-left corner of this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall show poster.

And even though those two show times were clearly stated on this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall sign, the second show was almost canceled… the Hall management and the cops wanted the Stones to forget about the second show, but to their credit, the Stones insisted on not disappointing second-show ticket-holders.

Largely because the band was still unknown in the U.S., this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall concert placard has a number of other names and companies on it… three individuals at the top of the poster, and a big plug in red letters for the radio station at the bottom.

To that point, what follows is the whole text of this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall event poster, exactly as it reads from top to bottom:

Billy Fields and Jaymur Productions (and then in the red box): Present – Murray The “K” and England’s Newest Sensations THE ROLLING STONES

Saturday June 20 (no year given) Two Shows – 2:30 and 7:30 PM – Carnegie Hall – Prices $3.50 – $4.50 – $5.50 – Tax Included – Tickets On Sale At Carnegie Hall Box Office.  For Further Information Listen TO WINS

E.J. Warner Poster Corp. (in New York City)

Previously successful Beatles promoter Sid Bernstein was the promoter of these two shows, but for whatever reason, his name is not listed at the top of this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall window display… in his place, co-promoter Billy Fields’ name was used.

I’m guessing that the primary reason no songs are listed on this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall show placard is that the Stones had not enjoyed a hit single yet. Up until this point, their first murmur of a hit, “Not Fade Away,” had gotten no further than about #75 on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 singles chart.

A lot of concert posters of this vintage had no photos on them, just text, so it’s great that this particular Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall telephone pole poster is adorned with a nice early publicity photo of the band. There are several Stones concert posters from California in 1964-65 that have plain block lettering and no image whatsoever.

I always like to mention a poster’s printer when it’s known, and it says at the bottom of this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall broadside that E.J. Warner out of NYC printed this one.

It’s fascinating when you realize that this Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall ticket poster gives customers only one option for buying tickets – at the Carnegie Hall box office, and apparently nowhere else.

This Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall billboard was made of cardboard and has dimensions of 14 by 22 inches, the most common size for such posters.

This Rolling Stones Carnegie Hall announcement is shown off and treated with the respect it deserves by West Coast collector Pete Howard ( or 805.540.0020). I will pay the VERY BEST PRICE ANYWHERE for this Stones concert poster or any others from their 1964-1966 concert tours.

To see more vintage 1960s Rolling Stones concert posters with nice eye appeal, just roll over to this page right here on my Web site:

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