Acid Test Graduation Poster with Ken Kesey, Pranksters, Grateful Dead

A scarce, attractive Day-Glo red event poster advertising the Acid Test Graduation on Oct. 31, 1966 at Winterland in San Francisco.

Acts appearing on this poster include the Grateful Dead, Merry Pranksters, Ken Kesey, Neal Cassady, the Caliope Co. and the band AAA – standing for Anonymous Artists of America.

The Acid Test graduation was switched at the last minute from Winterland to an old warehouse in a run-down part of San Francisco, and the Grateful Dead backed out as well, leaving this marvelous poster with a couple of significant inaccuracies.

But it’s still a great collector’s item, and represents the end of an important era in American pop culture.

This Acid Test Graduation poster is enthusiastically discussed by long-time collector (and former Rolling Stone columnist) Pete Howard. I can be reached at or by calling 805.540.0020. And please do keep in mind that I pay TOP DOLLAR IN THE HOBBY, period, for vintage pieces of Acid Test memorabilia such as this.

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