Beatles Tickets 1965 Shea Stadium NYC – Stubs of Blue & Yellow

A pair of fun, colorful Beatles ticket stubs from the band’s huge, famous concert at Shea Stadium in NYC on Aug. 15, 1965.

In this video I show you both yellow and blue ticket stubs and explain how they’re whole & complete collectibles despite having been torn at the show by the ticket-taker… because the group’s complete photo is still intact on the stub.

The presence of that photo, and the different colors, makes Shea 1965 one of the best Beatles ticket stubs to collect from the whole tour. That, plus the fact it was such a huge, special concert.

These two original Beatles concert tickets stubs are discussed in depth – and with much enthusiasm – by Peter Howard in California. That would be me, and if you have anything like this, please contact me at or by calling (805) 540-0020 (west coast time zone). And please do remember that I pay TOP DOLLAR IN THE HOBBY, period, for Beatles concert tickets and stubs for my collection, if I don’t have them already.

To see a few more rare & collectible concert tickets and stubs, just slide your mouse over to this page right here on my site:

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