Patsy Cline Concert Poster 1962 Des Moines, IA – KRNT Theater

An authentic, vintage Patsy Cline window card dating back to the fall of 1962, just a few months before her tragic, untimely death. This billboard was a Grand Ole Opry traveling show that also featured Hank Snow.

I also show you some phony Patsy Cline concert broadsides purporting to be originals, but which can be had very easily day of the week, for a song – because they were made decades after her demise.

This historic Patsy Cline board is shown to you today by one Peter J. Howard in California. That’s me, I’m a long-time collector, and I can be contacted via 805.540.0020 or by email at Please keep in mind that I pay the BEST PRICES IN THIS HOBBY, PERIOD, for authentic, original concert advertisements like this.

And to see a few more goodies from the field of country & western, just point your mouse toward another page right here on my Web site:

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