Coasters Concert Window Card 1959 with Ernie Freeman

An old-time rock ’n’ roll concert poster from the genre’s early 1950s heyday in the form of The Coasters, appearing on May 2, 1959 at Sacramento’s Memorial Auditorium.

This fun, vintage R&B billboard features the names of three seminal and big hits for the group: “Searchin,’” “Charlie Brown” and “Yakity Yak.” How cool!

This Coasters tour placard is shown to you today by Pete Howard, a long-time music-biz enthusiast and collector. That’s me, and I can be reached through 805-540-0020 or by computer at And please do know that I pay the best prices in the hobby, period, for vintage rock ’n’ roll, R&B, blues and other old show posters like this.

To see a few more classic R&B in-person posters, just meander over to this page right here on the Web site you’re already on:

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