Family Dog FD-1 Tribal Stomp Poster 1966 Very First Printing

The very first printing – possibly even done in January 1966 – of the very first poster in the Family Dog’s numbered concert-poster series, known to collectors as “FD-1” or by its moniker, “A Tribal Stomp.”

This B&W gem headlined the Jefferson Airplane, before Grace Slick would join them many months later, and Big Brother and the Holding Company, almost half-a-year before Janis Joplin would join them.

Wes Wilson created FD-1 and went on to design the first 10 posters in the Family Dog series, while also drawing them up for crosstown rival promoter Bill Graham (who was still an ally to the Family Dog at this point).

This lovely piece of vintage San Francisco concert memorabilia is brought to you today by me, Pete Howard, an avid collector and lifelong music historian. I can be asked questions or receive poster pictures at, or called at (805) 540-0020. Please be aware that I would pay the highest prices, period, for an original copy of this poster (I video-taped my friend’s), and consider all other vintage posters you may want to sell.

And to view a few more photos of the most wickedly cool Sixties psychedelic concert window cards, please just scoot your cursor over to this page right here on this web site of mine:

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