Ivory Joe Hunter Window Card 1950s Joe Glaser Presents – “Since I Met You Baby”

A vintage 1950 Ivory Joe Hunter concert poster from the Sunset Terrace Ballroom in Indianapolis, IN, with the precise date of Sept. 17 shown in enormous letters at the top.

No year is given, but it’s easy to determine the year since the day of the week – Sunday – is also given. These things were meant to last for just a few weeks, so putting the year on them was sort of pointless.

This 1950s blues show poster measures 14×22” and was constructed on durable cardboard. We don’t know who printed it, because the bottom edge of the poster has been trimmed off.

This Ivory Joe Hunter in-person poster is presented to you today by Pete Howard – myself – and I can be reached through either pete@postercentral.com or by phoning 805—540-0020. Please keep in mind that I pay the VERY BEST PRICES IN THE HOBBY, bar none, for old blues window placards such as this.

In fact, if you’d like to see a few more right here on my Web site, just move your mouse over to http://www.postercentral.com/blues.htm.

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