Beatles Promotional Posters for 1964’s Something New LP – Two Different

Two very collectible Beatles retail promo banners/posters for their third Capitol album, Something New, released in the summer of 1964.

These two Beatles promo retail window displays are discussed in detail by Pete Howard, and I’ve been a fan since 1964 when I owned this record – and still have it! (grin) I can be reached at or by 805-540-0020. Please know that I pay the best prices in this hobby for either of these Something New promo banners or any vintage sixties Fab Four promo merchandising items from Capitol.

And to read my in-depth story on every known Beatles promo poster and display plus scads of other very important ones from the ’60s (Stones, Dylan, Hendrix, etc.), just pop over to this page right here on my site:

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